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Gustav Allmacher, * 1867/69
emigrates to USA / wandert in die USA aus

Photo sent by Sandra Griffin: "Here is the photo of Gustav Allmacher's two brothers (Joseph and Will). From left to right: Joseph's wife (her name is unknown) and Joseph Allmacher (hat). Joseph has his arm around Heinrich Allmacher's widow (her name and his daughter's name is unknown), Will Allmacher is standing behind Emma Allmacher-Dickle (Gustav's wife). This picture was taken in Germany."

There is no proof yet, but a few hints that Gustav was the son of Nikolaus Friedrich Allmacher (12 May 1818 - 20 Jul 1881) and his wife (married 07 Apr 1853) Maria Katharina Gertrud Herten (12 Aug 1829 - 19 Mar 1910). The couple had 8 children, which were all still alive in 1910 (when the mother died):

Conclusion: The family moved around a bit, though all known places are near Eschweiler: Röhe, Eschweiler itself, Aue; it therefore seems plausible that they lived somewhere else between about 1860/2 and 1875 - during which period Gustav and Rosalie were born. The picture must have been taken after 1910 (as Heinrich is no longer alive then); then his known (to me) daughters were 15 and 18 years old, however, whilst the girl on the photograph will be less than10 years old. Individuals on the photograph (assuming this is the correct family) are indicated bold.

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