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Emigration to and early mentions in USA / Emigration nach und erste Nennungen in den USA
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The table below lists early mentions overseas (ship lists, census data, ...): often these mentions are not yet linked to specific families. Should you have additional information on these individuals, or know of further mentions of the name, you are invited to contact Wolf Seelentag.

name born details
Ali Henry ALMAKER ca. 1830
marries Elisabeth MILLER
William Fred ALMAKER (born Erie OH 30 Sep 1856)
(source: www.familysearch.org)
Caroline ALLMACHER ca. 1835
arrives in USA 1853
(source: Germans-to-America)
Heinrich ALLMACHER 21 Mar 1847
son of Heinrich ALLMACHER (1818 - ?) and Charlotte Friederike WEYRICH (1821 - ?)
arrives in USA 1865 (source: Germans-to-America)
dies Clarion 31 Oct 1910
marries Pittsburgh 25 Nov 1871
Margarethe HAID, born Luxembourg 16 Sep 1840, dies North Braddock 02 Jun 1911
Paul Henry ALLMACHER (05 May 1873 - 13 Jun 1945)
Wilhelm ALLMACHER (19 Feb 1876 - 07 Apr 1892)
John Henry ALLMACHER (21 Sep 1879 - 31 Oct 1910)
for ancestors contact Wolf Seelentag
for descendants contact
Martin Davis
Descendants of Jacob von Allenbach has been written up, and is maintained by Martin Davis. It describes the descendant line from Jacob von Allenbach (born about 1515) to the emigrant Heinrich Allmacher (1847-1910). Only the direct line is given in detail, but brothers and sisters in all generations are also briefly mentioned (name, date of birth, date of death - if known).
Benjamin ALLMAGER ca. 1848
naturalized in USA 1868
(private communication: mail address no longer valid)
Gustav ALLMACHER 1867/1869
The following information is from 3 independent sources - so far there is no sure indication whether this information relates to a single person or several individuals.
  • (source: PA Census 1900):
    born Feb 1869, emigrates to USA 1889
    marries 1890 Blanche WALLACE, previously married TUDOR(?)
    Clifford William ALLMACHER (02 Dec 1893 - 07 May 1964)
    [marries 1. Clara N./ 2. Mary N.]
    William Clifford ALLMAKER (12 Feb 1895 - 14 Nov 1963)
    [marries 1. Delores Mae SMITH / 2. Euda Naomi WEEKLEY / 3. Ruby CUTRIGHT]
    for descendants: contact Sandra Griffin
  • (source: www.ellisisland.org):
    born March 1867, arrives in USA 1923, place of origin Erfurt (Germany)
    on the same ship travels Emma ALLMACHER (born Dec 1884), possibly his (second?) wife
  • (source: family tradition in Germany):
    born ca. 1868, exact date and place not known, son of Nikolaus Friedrich ALLMACHER (1818 - 1881) and Maria Katharina Gertrud HERTEN (1829 - 1910), further biography unknown.
Augustus ALLMACHER ca. 1869
(source: PA Census 1920)
Harry ALLMACHER ca. 1870
marries Sally May TROGDEN
Thelma Lee ALLMACHER (08 Jul 1903 - ?)
[marries Chicago 16 Jun 1923 Myron Westbrook TAYLOR]
(source: www.familysearch.org)
Johann ALLMACHER ca. 1875
arrives in USA 1899 (married and with residence in New York)
(source: www.ellisisland.org)
William ALLMAKER ca. 1892
arrives in USA 1914 (US citizen: possibly son of Gustav above)
(source: www.ellisisland.org)
Gertrude ALLMACHER 09 Jan 1900
dies June 1989
(source: SSDI)
Peter ALLMACHER 14 Oct 1900
dies April 1965
(source: SSDI)
as both Social Security documents are issued in NJ, there is a fair chance that Peter and Gertrude were husband and wife.

Please, visit also the Bodhrán pages of Josh Mittleman - from where this knotline has been copied.

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